New Zealand Migration Rose to its Highest in More than a Decade!

New Zealand

According to the New Zealand Statistics, more than 36,400 people were granted resident status by May 14, which is the highest since November 2013! The Government expects the figures to increase to more than 38,000 by September.

Another 3,980 migrants have seasonally adjusted in May while approx. 200 left for Australia in April.

Overseas trips by New Zealanders rose 9% compared to the same time last year while the short-term visitors in New Zealand rose 5.4 % for May, helped by more visitors from Japan and the USA.

The latest government researches show that New Zealand’s population rose by approx. 8,000 in 2012/2013.

This is good news for the New Zealand Immigration and a result of their significant efforts to increase the population through migration for some time. The territory of New Zealand is almost the same as that of the UK, while its population is just 4 million compared to over 60 million in the UK.

And because New Zealand is a remote country, many young New Zealanders decide to leave the country and never return. All this makes its population stagnant and the New Zealand government is keen to get immigrants to replace those leaving.

The highest number of skilled migrants who come to New Zealand is Indians – more than 18,000 came under the Skilled Migrant Category. The UK citizens are the second larger group of immigrants to enter New Zealand.

New Zealand is consistently named as one of the best places in the world to live in.

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