New Zealand Named the ‘Favourite Country’ for 2014

Wharariki Beach

You probably come across different polls or surveys at this time of the year. But we want to share with you the results from two totally independent sources on New Zealand, the land of the ‘ long white cloud’ and Maori culture.

The Telegraph Travel Awards 2014 named New Zealand as the “favourite country” for 2014 after a survey among 90,000 British. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key was very happy to hear this. He said:

“Tourism forms a significant part of our economy. The winning of a prestigious award like this, voted by the public, is a great accolade for our country and bodes well for our tourism industry. We believe one of the real strengths of the tourism experience in New Zealand is that it lives up to the hype.

Too often a lot of people go to a destination where ultimately it is never as good as the brochure, whereas in New Zealand we think people come and get an experience that is better than the brochure.”

Lake Tekapo

Another survey (the Expat Explorer poll) done among 9300 expatriates based in more than 100 countries ranked New Zealand as one of the best countries to move to for 2014.

The factors taken into consideration were scenery and landscape, weather, security and the quality of life as a whole. The same survey awarded New Zealand as the best place to raise children.

On the other side, retirees also rated the country high, with their main reasons to move to the country: be closer to their loved ones and improve quality of life.

Do you agree? Where is New Zealand in your ranking?

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