Number of visas issued for New Zealand decreases.

The New Zealand Labor department has prepared a report, which indicates that there is a decline in the number of New Zealand Visas issued in the period between July 2011 and March 2012.

In their new report, the immigration authorities have written that 13,265 were granted a Skilled Migrant Visa to New Zealand which is almost a 12 per cent decline compared with the same period during the previous year.

The reasons for this new development are mainly to be found in the effects of the global economic crisis. In times of high economic uncertainty, a lot of prospective highly-skilled migrants prefer to take less risk and to stay at their home country instead of going abroad.

In support of this premise, the New Zealand Labor department indicates, that the current downside trend of the number of new immigrants started in 2008 simultaneously with the global economic crisis. In spite of the general decline, however, there is an 18% increase in the number of skilled immigrants coming from India.

This is mainly due to the largest number of Indian students, who come to New Zealand universities and then choose to remain in the country with a skilled migrant visa.

The number of people approved for a work visa has also increased by 3 per cent. The increase comes from people, who are coming to do seasonal work in the New Zealand agricultural sector.

In addition to that, the report indicates that currently, the largest source of new skilled migrants to New Zealand in the United Kingdom with 17% of the total, followed by Philippines, China and South Africa, each one of which has 12%, 8% and 7% respectively.

New Zealand has already implemented new measures, in order to increase its attractiveness to prospective immigrants. Some of the new changes include new rules for visa processing and approval which will lead to a shortened period for visa applications and will save the New Zealand taxpayers more than NZ$40 million.


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