Ontario Introduces Its Own Immigration Legislation

Old Toronto city hall

The Canadian most populated province Ontario is introducing Immigration legislation to increase the benefits of immigration.

The proposed Immigration law is expected to assist the changes on the Canada Provincial Nominee Scheme, expected to allocate economic immigrants to most Canadian provinces, including Ontario.

The suggested Immigration Act should facilitate the work of the Ontario government with the federal government on the recruitment and admission of skilled migrants in Ontario and will increase the transparency of information with immigration’s partners.

Ontario’s immigration program is part of the whole government economic plan for the province. This four-step plan consists of investing in people’s skills, developing new infrastructure, creating a supportive environment for business and securing saving plans.

Michael Chan, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade, said: “This proposed legislation is about making Ontario’s economy stronger through immigration. Immigrants bring with them connections to international economies. It’s important that we recognize not only the value of a diverse workforce but also the advantages of having an Ontario economy that is globally connected.”

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