Why You Should Plan Your 2022 Canadian Working Holiday

Canadian city landscape

Canada is one of the most popular working holiday destinations in the world.

With its friendly locals, bustling cities, and scenic outdoors, it’s little wonder that so many people flock here every year.

After all, who wouldn’t want to travel to Canada to earn money while taking in the sights?

And as the country re-opens following COVID restrictions, now is the time to plan your 2022 Canadian working holiday.

Here’s what you will need to prioritise before you pack your bags!

What Canadian visa should I apply for?

Most people who travel to Canada to work and live will apply for a Canadian working holiday visa.

If you want to get a working holiday visa for Canada, you’ll need to apply for one through the International Experience Canada (IEC) scheme.

An IEC visa will let you work and travel in Canada for 12 or 24 months.

To qualify for this visa you must:

  • Hold a passport from an eligible country
  • Be aged between 18 and 30 years (this can be up to 35 for Irish citizens)
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Have proof that you have at least $2,500 in your bank account

Applying for this visa can be done through various avenues. You can always apply directly with IEC.

However, using an agent such as Visa First will ensure you are completely ready for your adventure in Canada, with all the necessary documents sorted for you in no time!

Your chances of getting a Canadian working holiday visa are high, depending on how quickly you apply and what country you are applying from (some have higher quotas than others). So, complete your Canadian working holiday visa application form today!

For more information, check out our detailed Canadian working holiday visas guide.

What should I know about travelling to Canada in 2022?

Firstly, you should know what you need to get to Canada.

Covid-19 has had a massive impact globally, and this was seen as travel significantly reduced between 2020 and 2022.

However, from 1 April 2022, pre-entry Covid-19 tests are no longer required for those who are fully vaccinated and are entering Canada.

You still need to use ArriveCAN in the 72 hours before your arrival in Canada.

ArriveCAN is an app that ensures you are eligible to enter the country.

Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary are the most popular airports in Canada for people entering the country and you should plan what airport to travel to for your working holiday.

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How to start planning for a working holiday in Canada

Let’s face it – it can seem daunting to think about all the things you may need for your trip!

However, in reality, it is not that bad – once you sort out all you need to have before going over it will be plain sailing.

There are five main documents you will need before applying for your visa. These are:

  • A copy of your passport

The passport you hold must be valid from when you apply for the IEC and throughout your stay. This is because the maximum validity of the visa will not be more than the validity of your passport.

  • Police certificate

You must provide a police certificate. This is a copy that contains your criminal record.

Police certificates are different in each country so it is important you check what your specific certificate contains.

They help determine a person’s admissibility to enter Canada.

  • Proof of means of financial support

Proof of financial support must be equivalent to CAN $2,500 or more, in order to help cover your expenses during your stay.

  • An up-to-date resume
  • A passport photo

Once you have sorted all your documents, you should apply for your visa and look for potential accommodation.

Sites like Rentola and Airbnb offer great ways to secure the accommodation you need.

If you are travelling with friends, you will need a bigger house/apartment to suit your needs.

You should budget your stay there, particularly when it comes to your accommodation. Try and plan any income into this too.

What jobs are available for working holidaymakers in Canada?

person working on a building

There are a plethora of job opportunities available to working holidaymakers in Canada!

Due to the fact that Canada is a vast and diverse country with a thriving economy, you shouldn’t struggle to secure employment, depending on what it is you are looking for.

Hospitality, retail, and manual labour are some of the most popular jobs that working holidaymakers in Canada take up during their stay.

If it is a true Great White North experience you would like to take in, you could even travel much further north where there are a lot of jobs in the oil and mining industries. These jobs are easy to find in cities like Calgary and Edmonton.

The major cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal always have an abundance of jobs for working holidaymakers. Retail and hospitality jobs in the city centres allow you to experience the hustle and bustle of a major city in Canada.

Here are some more popular jobs among working holidaymakers:

  • Working on winter resorts (the roles can range from ski instructor to a receptionist!)
  • In a summer camps
  • On a farms or ranches
  • Au Pair

Can you apply for a Canadian working holiday visa twice?

That depends!

Canada has agreements in place with some countries that allows participants to apply more than once.

In most cases, if you had a working holiday visa before 2013, you are eligible to apply again.

Another way around this is if you hold dual citizenship you can apply with the passport you didn’t use the first time around.

How to apply for a Canadian Working Holiday Visa with Visa First

Interested in applying for your working holidaymaker visa? Great!

Visa First can help guide you throughout the whole process.

We provide a fast and easy service – we will remove all of the hassle and time that goes with applying for Canadian visas.

Got questions? No worries! Our team is on hand to answer questions you may want to know and help you through the entire process securely from beginning to end.


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