Plan Your Olympic Games Experience ASAP

The London 2012 Olympic Games are coming pretty soon – just 6 months left until the opening ceremony, and international visitors who are planning to attend the event, should already be making travel arrangements.

Although 6 months seems too far away for some, visitors who would come in the UK for the Games are urged to start planning their travel already. The Olympics is the biggest event for UK and one of the biggest events in the world which is why a huge volume of international spectators will be entering the country during the summer.

Here are some points you should consider when planning your trip to UK are:

  •  Visa

First, you should make sure whether you need a visa to enter UK. To find out, talk to a visa specialist. If you do need a visa, Visa First can organize everything related to your travel before you actually leave home. This way you’ll free your mind and concentrate on the fun part of the travel.

  • Customs requirements

While we are taking care of your documentation, we recommend you read the customs requirements to make sure you don’t bring items or goods that are prohibited or illegal in the country. Check out the UK Border Agency for more information on the customs requirements.

  • Rights and responsibilities

Make sure you read additional information regarding your stay in the UK. The UK Border Agency provides a rights and responsibilities guide for visitors of the country.


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