Practical Preparations for Living Abroad

a happy couple moving into a new home

Moving is a serious business that requires careful planning. Although it may feel like a grand adventure at first you will need to keep a lot of things in mind before you move forward with such a step.

You should never underestimate what you’re getting yourself into as this will have a significant impact on your well-being.

Here are some tips on what you can do to adapt to the changing environment and stay sane at the same time.

Realistic expectations

If you travel to a new place as a tourist, that is one thing. Travelling and living in a completely new and almost alien culture is a far more life-changing experience.

You will need to be mentally prepared for the skip between the familiar and the unknown. It is a large step so you must consider the reasons for your move and the length of your stay abroad.

Making a second home

You must consider the accommodations in your target country long before you board the plane.

This has to be done at least months if not a year in advance so you will have sufficient time to deal with the paperwork and details involved.

This takes time and effort that you won’t otherwise have the chance to deal with. It may breed a number of problems down the line if these details are not taken into account.

Keep in mind each country will have different requirements and a different culture which you will need to adhere to if you want to fit in and make a living.


It is the most important step of all as within this lies the key to your new destination.

It is important to have a valid passport, which will be available to you long after you are done with the immigration process.

The requirements and documentation concerning immigration will be different for every country, however, one thing is certain – you need to be patient.

Depending on the nature of the immigration it may take months, if not more than a year for you to be accepted within the boundaries of a given country.

Keep in touch

It is very important to find ways to do so with your family and friends. The long-distance and social isolation will inevitably create a sense of vacuum you will need to fill with something familiar.

The easiest, albeit not perfect way to deal with that gap is by utilizing VoIP technologies. Skype and other instant messaging programs will give you the opportunity to communicate.

You can call other computers through them or even phone numbers around the world at affordable prices.

The nature of the move

When all preparations are complete you will need to keep in mind that the majority of what you own will not be available to you.

Any bulky and heavy items you own will be problematic unless you plan on using an international moving company.

You can avoid a lot of the expenses by selling some of your excess furniture and belongings. If you don’t have any other choice but to travel light this is the only viable option.

Moving companies will take care of transport, delivery and collection as well as any other details.

They will also offer insurance for your belongings with varying coverage depending on the company itself.

It would be wise to contact different companies to obtain multiple quotes, as this will give you a chance to figure out the best one for the job.


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