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Supporters of the radical immigration reform in the US are trying to persuade Barack Obama to cut through the gridlock and use its presidential powers in order to introduce the new immigration reform cutting through the gridlock in Washington. Their intention is to persuade the American President to allow illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship.

The white house, however, has said that the president does not have any such intention. Ay matters of the law must be decided by congress. In addition to that, some Republicans suspect that this is the intention of the president and have warned against it. According to many supporters of the proposed immigration reform, the bill that was passed in the senate will be rejected in the House of Representatives where the Republicans have the majority and will probably oppose it.

Speaking on 15th September 2013, Ana Avendano of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) told Fox News ‘If Congress doesn’t move, the President has a duty to act’. However, White House spokesman Bobby Whithorne ruled the possibility of presidential intervention. The only way to bring the 11 million illegal immigrants out of the shadow economy is Congress to accept the new bill.

According to the American constitution in order a bill to turn to an actual law it must pass through the two houses of the Congress – the Senate and the House of the Representatives. Power in Congress is currently split; the Democrats control the Senate and the Republicans control the House. This means that, in order to get any bill through Congress, the President and his Democratic colleagues require some cooperation from the Republicans.

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