Research shows that new immigrants are happy in New Zealand

Similarly to other highly industrialized countries New Zealand spends a lot of effort in order to attract immigrants, who can boost its economy. Recent research published by the New Zealand department of labor show that, most of the newcomers can settle into the country very well and are able to find job quickly. The research shows that around 90 percent of the new immigrants are satisfied with their new life in New Zealand. The same percentage reported being settled and working eighteen months after arriving in the country. People, who have entered in the country with a skilled immigrant visa are productive and give the New Zealand employers skills which may be in shortage on the local labor market

According to the New Zealand Immigration minister Jonathan Coleman, it is extremely important that new immigrants settle well in the country. The reason for this is that foreigners, who work in New Zealand bring around 1,9 billion dollars in the economy each year. Furthermore New Zealand is competing with other industrialized countries for attracting highly skilled immigrants. Additional insights of the study made the Department of Labor show that the recent increase of immigration is causing sinking of production costs.  Moreover it is contributing to the growth of the export and is improving the competitiveness of the New Zealand products and services on the international markets.

Meanwhile the success of the New Zealand immigration policy has resulted in the recent introduction of the new type of visa – the Silver Fern visa. It allows young people aged between 20 and 35 years old to come to New Zealand and search a job. People who have bachelor degree or a recognized trade qualification are encouraged to apply for this type of visa. The Silver Fern Visa is designed in order to provide advantage to New Zealand in the international competition for for enticing young, skilled people.

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