State Sponsored Visa Granted for Derek in Melbourne!

Derek and Sam

Who are you?

I’m Derek Doyle, this is my wife Catriona Doyle & our little boy Sam Doyle


35, 36, 2

What do you do?

I’m a Manufacturing Engineer

Where do you come from and where are you now?

We travelled from Galway to Melbourne.

Why did you want to live in Australia?

We wanted a better lifestyle for our family with better job prospects.

How is the job search going?

I have an interview on Friday and another one on Monday; hopefully, they will be what I’m looking for.  I initially wanted a job before I left, maybe I should have looked but it actually worked out for the best, when we got here there was a lot to do to get the house set up and my family settled.  I’m ready to work now!

Were you very familiar with Australia before you left?

We had been to Brisbane for 2 weeks, short time but we got a feel for the place and loved it.  We knew we would come back.  We were not familiar with Melbourne but love it here too!

What is your story from when you first left the UK to where you are now?

We left Ireland Jan-2013 and stayed at an airport hotel the 1st night,  then at Wantirna caravan park for 4 weeks while we arranged a rental house, this took longer than we thought.

What was the delay with getting a house?

We were not that familiar with the rental process here, you need references from past landlord, if you are not working you have to show evidence of finance, there is a process that you need to be approved by the landlord before he will rent to you, it’s probably because I wanted a decent house for the lads, I imagine renting a room on my own would not have been as detailed…

What were the costs of migrating?

Visa Process was approx €6k this included all government fees; processing fee was €2500.  Shipping Items over was approx €5k.  Flights were €1.5k.  Initial accommodation was approx €1k. Household appliances €3k

Total = €16.5k

What preparations did you make before you emigrated?

We arranged for our Irish house to be rented out.  We booked 1st night in an airport hotel and 10 nights at the caravan park.  We also did a lot of online research as the where we wanted to live in Melbourne and also on job prospects.

How long did it take from application to acceptance? Are there any more stages you still need to go through?

The whole visa process for us took approx 10 months with, it was a lot faster than we thought!  We are on permanent resident visas so can live and work here indefinitely.

What made you choose the area where you live?

There were a lot of young families of our age in this area and also a good percentage were from Ireland or the UK. Also, the Eastside has a lot of job prospects in Melbourne and is commutable to the city if required.

What’s the housing market like at the moment – How does it compare to renting?

I think that buying a house in Melbourne is overvalued at the moment.  Renting, to give an example we get €650 per month for our 4-bed semi house in Athenry, here in Melbourne we are paying $1400 a month for a 3 bed detached, it’s expensive to rent here but we do have a decent garden and the house is a good family home.

What’s the weather like? What local facilities are within easy reach?

The weather has been quite well most of our time here. It has started to cool down now as you would expect for April but still warm by Irish standards!

What local facilities are within easy reach?

There is a large shopping centre 2km away, a swimming pool beside it, and playgroups for our son.  He also does soccer.  Lots of parks nearby and good road connections to the city.  Also good public transport links. Facilities are super here compared with back home.

How has the move changed your life?

I think that it has changed family life for the better.  We do more things as a family now as the weather is better.  You are not expected to work every spare hour as family time is important.

Has it been easy becoming part of the community?

It is easy enough.  The activities for Sam help to meet people in the area and there are a lot of family carnivals etc that go on where all the local people would go to.

What do you miss about Ireland?

We miss our families and friends but probably see more of them now through Skype.

What are your plans for the future?

The plan is to stay here for now and get resident or citizen status.

What’s your advice for other Irish/British people wanting to move to Australia?

Do plenty of research on area’s you want to live in, house prices and jobs before you leave.  Ensure that you have plenty of start-up money for moving as you may not get a job straight away.

Pros of living in Melbourne:

  1. Good weather.
  2. Lots of parks and amenities for kids and families.
  3. People are friendly.


  1. Cost of living is expensive.


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