Stay In A Unique Lodging While You Explore Canada

Ottawa jail hostel

From coast to coast, Canada is full of wonders that can leave you astounded and can awaken your inner explorer. Canada has a massive stratum of wildlife and has vast and diverse geographical territory which makes it second-largest country.

There are so many amazing places to visit in Canada. Each city from Ontario to Nunavut and from Quebec to Yukon has something unique to exhibit and explore.

Skier who is looking for the best experience of skiing can look up to Whistler; travellers will fall in love with the road trips and the Trans Canadian Trail. Wildlife lovers can see killer whales near Vancouver and polar bears of Churchill.

See gigantic Canada from Niagara Falls of Ontario to Canadian Rocky Mountains of Alberta.  Pump your adrenaline rush by rafting, bungee jumping and unique sky jumping from CN towers in Toronto and the list goes of places to visit in Canada goes on.

Visit Canada with no worries of stay in the country.  But it’ll be a little hard for you to choose a few out of wide options of lodging it offers.

You can choose a stay amid Spectacular wine country which has historic country inn to visit. Or you can seclude yourself by the seaside and sleep to the lullaby of the ocean waves.

The guest range in the mountain foothills and snuggle ups in Famous Ice hotels, from lakeside resorts and campgrounds to fly-in wilderness lodges and grand hotels, Canada has an endless list of options for stay. Let us explore some really unique options:

  1. Quebec Ice Hotels – It is a Cathedral like Hotel Made solely of Ice and snow. It is as cold as 28° to 23° Fahrenheit Cold inside protected by 4 feet thick walls. Visitors enjoy Drinks and stay overnight.
  2. Spherical Tree House – These are pods like hanging from the thick forest trees on Vancouver Island. There you can even learn how to build one of these.
  3. Yurt – In Ontario Park, you’ll find yurts, they are great alternatives for tents, especially for harsh weather or for those who are with the family and looking for comfort along with wilderness.
  4. Aquarium – Vancouver aquarium gives you an opportunity to learn about a variety of aqua animals and sleep in the in front of marine tanks.
  5. Jails – Wan to get handcuffed and go behind the bars. You can book the self-contained apartment at the Ottawa jail hostel. This is a Historic building and served as a jail for criminals for over 100 years. Generally, Youth prefers to live here.
  6. Floating barge – King pacific lodge in Bernard Harbor Lodge is on top of a floating barge.
  7. Igloos – You’ll find Igloos for visitors in most of the northern parts of the country. Here dog sledging, snow hoeing and other adventure packages can be made part of the tour.
  8. Teepee – This is a native way of accommodation in North America.
  9. Light House – Most of the eastern coast of Canada has lighthouses which offer stay overnight.
  10. House Boat – Canada has large numbers of lakes and rivers; this is the reason why houseboats are so ideal for travelling and a unique way for lodging.
  11. Apartments – For a home away from home you can even think of getting rent in Canada. You will get a fully furnished apartment to give a feel of a home. You can Rent it through services like furnished apartment Toronto.


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