Staying in touch whilst travelling

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Going travelling is one of the most magical things one can do in life; learning about new cultures and seeing the things we’ve only seen in movies – but it can also be a daunting time as it can be difficult to get those messages to our loved ones to let them know that we are safe and well.

There are options that are easily available to everyone when travelling and staying in touch with friends and family, as long as you use the right kind of technology for specific types of calls.

Here I will give you some of the options available and how you can use them to get the most out of your data.

Mobile Phones

We all take advantage of our phones every single day, but knowing how they work abroad can be confusing and costly to our bank balances.

There are plenty of mobile networks that now offer cheaper ways to call and send texts messages home from where ever you are.

One of the best ways to know how much you are spending on your calls is to use a monthly phone plan, such as Virgin Pay Monthly Phones.

These are exactly the type of phone plan that a traveller needs, especially if you don’t know how long you are going to be away.

You are not tied into an 18-month contract that you won’t use when you are back and as long as you use it correctly you can still get the perks of a contract such as internet data and free calls once you are home!

Using your mobile phone abroad is perfect for when you need to have a quick conversation or you simply want to send a daily text message to say that you are OK.

Internet Calls

Ok, so you may not want to carry a laptop around with you at all times, but there are a number of options for staying in touch over the internet.

The most obvious is to email news to your family – this is great for long letters and also images so that they can experience what you are seeing.

Another method that many are now employing is to use social networks such as Facebook to get quick messages across.

If you want to speak to your family then have a look around your local area and find an internet cafe or a place that offers free WIFI.

These are very common in most places and will mean that you can use software that will let you make calls over the internet.

This is not as good for short conversations as mobile phones, mainly as you will need a high-speed connection; but if you want to check in at home with a long chat about where you have been then this is a great option.

Satellite Phones

Satellite phone do exactly as they suggest, they use space to guide our conversations and by doing so they work everywhere – as long as they are charged!

Now, this isn’t an option for just checking in and catching up, but they are perfect for travellers in terms of a safety device, to make sure that you can be reached at all times.

I would suggest that every traveller gets one of these, especially if you are going to an area such as the Australian Outback where you won’t have a signal on any other device.

This satellite phone will mean that if you experience any problems you can call home and get the assistance you need.

These are the 3 forms of communication that I would suggest for every traveller this year and by combining each of them, you can make sure that you are safe and you won’t feel as homesick – perfect!


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