Student Visa: Let Your Dreams See Light of Day

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Field trips are the perfect way to encourage children to travel and lay the foundations of confidence for a later life spent seeing the world.

This manifests itself in the form of student visas which allow young people to travel freely through numerous countries across the world.

School does much to prepare children for the adult world besides simply stocking them up on knowledge in English, science and arithmetic.

It is also about expanding their horizons and encouraging them to develop a greater understanding of the world around them.

There is arguably no better way to do this than through field trips which take pupils out of the comfort zone of the classroom and offer them the opportunity to encounter what they have learnt about on the blackboard and in their textbooks in a fresh and different, first-hand manner.

This is how a journey of travel discovery can begin, leading onto many developing a lifelong passion for travel and exploration.

Starting Young

Travelling with lots of young children can seem daunting but the primary school years are the most formative for most children so it is here that they will benefit the most from travel experiences.

At this age school trips do not need to be especially adventurous, as long as the pupils get to encounter something different, whether that is animals at the zoo or suits of armour at a castle.

There is no need to take them very far afield as it is important for any budding young traveller that he or she has a good foundation in their local region.

Growth and Development

Throughout secondary school, the scope for school trips extends and expands hugely. No longer do they have to be day trips, or maybe single overnighters, but can now last for a week or more, allowing for tours which cover more ground, both geographically and in terms of the subject matter.

Moreover, secondary school students are able to deal with bigger ideas, such as art, history and culture, opening the market of potential destinations.

They are also more confident and independent and are therefore able to experience foreign travel or even adventure holidays to slightly less conventional destinations, in Africa or South America perhaps.

Fully-fledged Travellers

With travel opportunities available throughout their primary and secondary education, the hope is that students develop into truly passionate and confident travellers. For them, the next steps into further or higher education may well present many chances to travel widely.

A student visa is a necessary key to allow them to see the world, whether to revisit countries in which they already have an interest or to go somewhere completely new to satisfy their desire for discovery.

Overall, one of the most important formative experiences of any child is that of travel and as this is not always a possibility within families, school field trips are able to play that role, giving young people the desire and will to see the world that only a student visa can facilitate.

Angela writes regularly on school trips for a range of educational travel websites and blogs. She has worked as a teacher, a tour guide and a holiday rep so her knowledge of this market is extensive and mostly first-hand.


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