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Gary and his friends

You want to go to Australia, but still, you don’t know what it’s like and what to expect when you get over.

Get some real-life experience from a client of ours who has recently moved down there.

Meet Gary, who has settled in Australia on his skilled Migration Visa. Gary moved to Perth, Western Australia about a month ago with his partner Linlin and their 1y old child Freddy.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Garry and this is my partner Linlin and my little lad Freddy.
I’m a Plasterer and Linlin is an Accountant.

Can we ask how old?

Sure, I’m 31, Linlin is 27 year and little Freddy here has just turned 1 and today got his 12-month shots today- he’s not too happy with Australian doctors today!

Why did you move?

Way more opportunities for plasterers than in Ireland and the weather.

Were you very familiar with Australia before you left?

No, I was never here before, and we were a bit nervous.

Why Perth?

I wanted to get my visa as fast as possible, Debbie from advised that the states sponsored applications were currently top of Australian immigration priority listing, Plasters were on Perth Skill shortage list – so we went to Perth!

I had a friend there also who told me work was good!

What is your story from when you first left Ireland to where you are now?

Two friends of mine met me at the airport and sorted out our accommodation for the first few nights. I didn’t have a job lined up when I left Ireland so that was my first priority when we arrived.

As luck would have it I got the first job I applied for, and am still working with the same employer, plenty of work on.

Once I was working we looked into renting a house and it took about 2-3 weeks to find what we were looking for. I wanted a lawn and space.

We had to furnish it with electrics and furniture; I purchased most of my furniture online and shopped locally for all electrics.

We finally purchased a second-hand car here last week so all the big spends are over I hope!

One tip I’ll give migrants is to have some savings when moving if you have family, we went through about $10K setting ourselves up.

Wow! What did that go on?

Well, you have to pay a month’s bond ($1600) for a house; we have a 3 bed and nice lawn which our landlord pays a percentage of our rates to keep watering!

$3K for a second-hand 10-year-old car, if you’re bringing an Irish car make sure your air-con works! The roads are good here so cars last longer.

$2K for electric appliances; TV, fridge, washing machine, etc.

$1500 furniture

And various other bits & bobs it takes to set up home!

How much is rent in Perth?

We live 10 minutes drive outside Perth and rent is about $450 a week for a house, but you would pay at least this for a 1 bed in city centre Perth, prices are really expensive if you want to live in the city.

Are you both working?

I am full time. Linlin hasn’t looked for work yet as she is taking time to look after Freddy and getting the household set up.

What preparations did you make before you emigrated?

We sold everything we had so that we would have savings. I didn’t see the point of bringing furniture or too many belongings because you can get what you need here.

How long did it take from application to acceptance? Are there any more stages you still need to go through?

It took about 6-7 months.

Did you/will you take citizenship?

Sure, definitely, once I’m eligible

Did you have a job offer gong out?

No, I applied when I got out here, had no problem to get a job.

What local facilities are within easy reach?

Ten minutes from the beach, shopping centre walking distance, all services within walking distance. Really good!

How often do you go back to Ireland?

We’ll probably go back on holidays no plans yet, just got here.

What’s the weather like in April?

Nice. Getting a bit cooler now.

Describe the area where you live. What kind of people live there and why?

Australians are friendly people, there’s a large Asian community living here too, really like it and found it easy to settle in.

We all live here because of local amenities and better value for money with accommodation, if you have kids you need space.

How do the food, nightlife and leisure activities compare?

Have a 1-year-old so can’t really comment on nightlife but we have regular barbeques, the weather means a lot more outdoor activity for all the family, beach walks, barbeques, so far we have spent a lot of our free time driving to places around Perth that we haven’t been to before, everything is really new and exciting.

I think I’ll join a soccer club next week for an hour or two of footie.

Final comment…

A bit of good weather puts us all in good form! Take it handy!

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