Surge in Australian Working Holiday Visa Applications from Hong Kong

Australian city skyline

A growing figure of working holidaymakers is currently choosing OZ as their destination. The combination of Australia’s strong economy and high wages seems very attractive for young people, who are willing to work abroad.

During the 2012 11 per cent increase of working holiday visas that are granted to people, who want to work in areas such as fruit picking, tourism, hospitality and mining has been registered in comparison with the same period during the previous year.

In addition to that, according to new statistics that were released from Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship there exist an even larger increase of around 30% in the number of total working holiday visas that are issued.

Young people, who are coming from Hong Kong and Taiwan, are the biggest contributors to the growth. Hong Kong working holidaymakers rose by nearly 55 per cent, while Taiwan rose by 43 per cent and Italy by 30 per cent.

Nevertheless, the largest portion of Working Holiday Visas is still granted to visitors from Ireland, UK and South Korea. The strong economy of Australia was pointed out as the main reason for the attractiveness that the country has for foreign Working Holiday Makers. Australian Tourism Export Council managing director Felicia Mariani issued the following statement concerning the growth of foreign applicants.

“There’s not a whole lot of options to go to Europe and work at this time,” she said. “Many nations in Europe are experiencing high unemployment rates, particularly in the youth sector.

“If you’re sitting in Asia then all of a sudden Australia looks like an attractive option.

“It has low unemployment and a high rate of pay.”

Her main point is that the Australian touristic industry is gaining a lot from the working holidaymakers, who are bringing their foreign language skills to help tourism. Therefore ATEC has demanded the regional classification to the tourism industry extended to allow working holidaymakers to extend their visa by one year after completing 88 days of work in a regional area.

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