Taiwan and France negotiate for Working Holiday Agreement

The Taiwanese ministry of foreign affairs said that Taiwan will continue its tries to establish the Working Holiday Agreement with France. The country will propose the new French government a mutual Working Holiday Program after a new French cabinet has been elected. Taiwan has been trying for a long time to sign a Working Holiday Agreement with France.

Now the French Foreign Ministry finally supports the idea, but it will be ready to discuss the proposal only after the elections have finished. France currently has Working Holiday Visa agreement signed with numerous countries among which are: Canada, Japan, South Korea, the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Germany.

Foreign graduates that are graduating in Taiwan currently face a lot of restrictions if they want to stay an work in Taiwan. They must have two years of related working experience and job offer, with a salary of at least NT$47,971 per month. There is currently a discussion in the Taiwanese government about loosening these restrictions in order for the country to be able to attract new foreign talent.

Lu Hsueh-chang, a legislator form the Chinese Nationalist Party, also supports this idea. The Taiwanese director of the Department of European Affairs James Lee said that the fact that second place that Sarkozy had on the recent elections, signifies the fact that the French nation is worried about rising economic issues such as high unemployment rate.

Lee, however, argues that the working holiday visa will not contribute for increasing the unemployment rate in France, because the two countries will have an equal quota of Working Holiday Visa available to be issued each year.

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