Taiwan is one of the largest source for Working Holiday Makers for Australia

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According to recent statistics of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Taiwan is the fifth-largest source of Working Holiday Makers for Australia after Britain, South Korea, Ireland and Germany.

During 2011 there were some 130 000 people visiting Australia with Working Holiday Visa. Around 9000 of them were Taiwanese citizens.

This is a 45% increase in comparison with the previous year – the biggest growth of any country participating in the program.

Taiwan and Australia signed their mutual working holiday agreement in 2004. Australia is the only country which does not impose limits on the number of Working Holiday applications from Taiwan.

Taiwan also has working holiday agreements with New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Britain and Germany, which all set annual quotas for Taiwanese visitors under the program.

The number of foreigners coming to Taiwan is however much lower to the number of Taiwanese going abroad under the working holiday program.

The reason for this is the fact that it is very difficult to find a job in Taiwan without speaking the local language.

According to recent statistics released by the Taiwanese foreign ministry, only 928 people entered the country with a working holiday visa during 2011.

Most of them come from Japan, South Korea and Australia.

The Taiwanese Ministry is currently working on another working holiday agreements with Ireland and France.

The ministry said that such programs were launched to encourage students to venture overseas to broaden their horizons and enrich their international experience and should not be seen as merely “labourers.”

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