The 7 Biggest Working Abroad Mistakes


The decision to look for work abroad is a big one, it might even be the decision of your life, so you need to look at every step carefully, considering factors like cultural differences, social lifestyle, climate etc.

So, what are the biggest blunders you should try to avoid?

Local Employment

Not being aware of the local employment legislation, income tax rates, yours and your employer’s obligations, etc. It is crucial to research this before you go to have an insight of what is admitted or forbidden in your destination country. It may also help you better understand the relationships in your prospective job place.


Not calculating your costs – Remember, you are going to work, not going on a vacation and you can’t afford to underestimate the hidden costs of moving abroad, renting a place, a security deposit for the house, health insurance etc.

You need sufficient funds to support yourself and/or your accompanying family for at least 4 weeks (just in case). Budget carefully to ensure a smooth move to your new country.

Not Visiting Your New Location

Not visiting your new location before accepting the job offer. If possible take a trip to your new country beforehand. Thus you can meet interested employers, you can show your real commitment and after all, this is the only way to get ‘a feel for the place’.

Having Less Information About The Destination

Not knowing the destination you are heading off to work. Making internet research or reading a guide for the place won’t be sufficient, you need to find out people who have spent a certain time in the country and make connections with someone who’s still there. Get as many opinions and perspectives as you can.

Moving For The Wrong Reason

Not moving for the right reason – being in the country on a holiday and working in this same country are completely different experiences. Think about what you’ll get over there and what you’ll leave in your home country. If you are moving abroad because of your partner’s job you need to analyze what would your own quality of life be overseas and whether you are ready for such a change?

Wrong Expectations

Expecting everything in your destination country to be exactly the same as in your home country. If you think this way, you’d most probably end up suffering from severe homesickness which might reflect on your overseas experience as a whole. Prepare yourself and give yourself at least 6 months to re-settle down.

Not Getting Involved In Local Community

Not trying to get involved in your local community. Making friends and immersing in the local cultural and social life is the easiest way to make your new country your new home. Move away from a visitor and become one of all around you.

No need to compare everything from your new job and lifestyle with your old one – you wanted the change and that’s why you are here. Enjoy it!

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