The Best Bucks Party Locations in Australia

Australia can spoil you for choice when it comes to organising a Bucks Party and deciding where to go for an unforgettable weekend or evening. This article should help you decide where the best Bucks Party location in Australia is for you and your memorable celebrations.

Melbourne, Victoria


Melbourne is Australia’s own version of Sin City and has it all! You can put into practise your skills learnt from Betsson and end up walking out of the Crown Casino with some extra cash in your pocket! The Crown Entertainment Complex has an outstanding variety of nightclubs and speciality clubs to give you an unbelievable night to remember. Melbourne is the place for your Bucks Party if you want to start and end your night in style in this beautiful and exciting city.

Byron Bay, New South Wales

Kayak at Byron Bay

If you are looking for a more laid back, coastal feel to the Bucks Party, go to Byron Bay and enjoy the gorgeous beaches, great nightlife and party atmosphere. The small town of Byron Bay has a big reputation for its great surf and wide range of luxury accommodation. It is perfect to relax by the beach in the day and party hard at night. Byron Bay is the place for your Bucks Party if the group enjoys outdoor activities like surfing, skydiving, whale watching and picturesque beaches, whilst ensuring you all can enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

Fraser Island, Queensland

Fraser Island

If the Buck is someone that would rather spend their weekend with their friends in the wild, head to Fraser Island in Queensland. With fantastic campsites as well as an array of activities such as 4-wheel driving and fishing, you can enjoy all that the Australian outdoors has to offer. If however, you want the great outdoors activities without compromising on the accommodation, the Island also has luxury resorts and private houses where you and your friends can relax after a day out in the wild.

Kings Cross in Sydney, New South Wales

King Cross Sydney Night Life

Whilst you may all enjoy the outdoors, if you are looking for the ultimate, rowdy Bucks night, there is only one place to go…Kings Cross in Sydney. With a huge variety of bars and clubs as well as Australia’s best adult entertainment venues, Bucks can let loose and go wild from dusk till dawn on the Golden Mile. Known as The Cross, the area is Sydney’s very own Red Light District where pretty much anything goes – make sure to head to famous venues such as Vegas Hotel, Pure Platinum or Tharen’s Restaurant.

Cairns, Queensland

Cairns, Queensland

The party hub of North Queensland, this tropical destination has been a popular destination for Bucks parties. Cairns is not only known as having an awesome nightlife, but the surrounding areas offer the chance to have a Bucks party like no other. Spend the day fishing in the tropical waters on your luxury charter boat or head into the oldest surviving rainforest in the world, Daintree Rainforest, to enjoy the untouched tropical rainforest jungles and an experience like no other. Cairns offers the best of the coastal and rainforest environments making it a unique Bucks Party.

Whether you decide to spend your Bucks Party playing at the tables in Melbourne, on the floor at Kings Cross in Sydney or by the beach in Byron Bay, Australia has a wide range of Bucks Party destinations to meet your every need. With the above five best Bucks Party locations in Australia, you are sure to have a memorable weekend or evening full of Bucks Party stories and memories that will stay with everyone for a lifetime.


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