The Best Country for Expat Families

Best country for family expats

When choosing a place to move the first and most important factor to think about is the job. It is of highest priority and influences all other aspects of life abroad. It is a very different story when the person is not single and have kids.

Many other factors come to the scene to be evaluated and issues to be resolved. Among the top factors is the education of the kids, the safe environment, meeting with the new culture, healthcare and others.

In this report for 2016 for the Family Life Index 45 countries took participation. The ranking is based on several factors concerning the good quality of life of the kids and their families. The top factors are childcare and education – availability, options, cost as well as quality. High priority is given to the overall family well-being.

The top place is taken by Finland. The top place was secured by the highest results in the survey in the categories for child health, safety and child well-being. In the category for childcare education, the country scores very high as well. The majority of the parents /70% / compared to the global average of 21% are satisfied with the quality of the education. The only downside is the lower place/25th/ in the category of family life satisfaction in general.

The second best in this survey comes the Czech Republic. May be surprising for many people but it comes well-deserved. The availability and cost of childcare and education are rated very high. Families have mixed feelings about the quality provided. In regards with the family well-being, the result is also moderate. Luckily, the children healthcare is mostly rated positive and 91% of the respondents are satisfied.

Third, this year is Israel. Securing 3rd place is thanks to the high number of childcare options. Education options and quality are also areas where most parents are satisfied, 84% voted positive. Children healthcare and family well-being are also given positive feedback. Areas, where improvement is needed, are children safety and family life in general.

In top 10 is also Australia (7th). The hot continent is one of the best places for expats in many surveys. Showing great results and opportunities in professional and business areas as well as a great place for social life. It is famous for being multicultural and very welcoming for expats.

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