The cost of the Austalian visa application will increase

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has announced that the cost of the most popular 457 Australian visas is going to increase two times in June this year – from 455 AUD to 900 AUD.

Australian officials think that the increase will bring in more than 40 million Australian dollars revenue in 2013 and nearly 52 million AUD in 2014.

According to a spokesman from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, the increase is in line with the new pricing initiative for the Australian visas, in addition to that there will be price changes for other visa types that will be announced before the end of the current year.

Another important change concerning the Australian immigration policies is the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has been given the rights to oversee the 457 visa program in order to ensure that all holders are working in their nominated areas of occupation and are receiving the same salaries as Australian citizens receive for the same type of jobs.

Despite the increase, the overall levels of immigration are expected to stay the same with skilled immigration comprising more than two-thirds of the subclass 457 visa holders

The Australian government has confirmed a continued commitment to support regional, state and territory skilled migration programmes.

There is currently a major debate going on in Australia in the run-up to this autumn’s general election over the number of skilled workers arriving in the country from overseas.

Critics want the numbers reduced as they claim that foreign workers are taking jobs from Australians but employers argue that they need the skills of overseas workers.

The fact that the DIAC is not cutting the number of visas that are going to be issued means that the government acknowledges that a skill gap exists on the local labour market.

Nevertheless, higher costs are expected to put off some applicants. In addition to that, it becomes extremely difficult for businesses to cover the requirements which are needed in order to apply for a 457 visa

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