The most popular travel routes in Australia

Sydney Opera House, Australia
Many of the famous tourist routes in Australia are situated along the east coast of the country. Travelling from Sydney to Brisbane is one of the classical tourist routes that attract many foreign visitors. Sydney has something unique to offer to every individual tourist.  Travelling along the coast to Brisbane can also be very exciting and has many interesting intermediate stops.

If you choose this route your journey will start in Sydney – the largest and the most vibrant city in Australia. Sydney has a lot of famous landmarks – some of them like the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge have become symbols of Australia. The city never sleeps, there is always something to do, somewhere to go, someone to meet. From pubs and clubs to 5-star restaurants everyone can find what he looks for.

Whoever likes to surf, there is a possibility for a so-called surf safari. Surf tours which start in Sydney and end in Byron Bay are organized on a daily basis. Along the way, the most famous place for surfing on the Australian east coast is visited.

Other highlights of the Sydney-Brisbane route are the large sand dunes around Stockton, which can be visited with motorcycle, quad-bike or off-road vehicle. Further along, the road is situated port Macquarie. Many koalas can be seen in the surrounding forests. Further North, the way leads to Cuffs Harbour – the official banana-capital of Australia.

The famous town Byron bay is also situated on the Sydney-Brisbane route. It has a reputation as a hippie town. Its famous Cape Byron Lighthouse is the most eastern point of Australia. Several Hundred kilometres down the road is Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.

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