The number of British people immigrating to Australia increases

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Although people from China and India constitute the largest portion of Australian immigration, there are still a lot of British people, who go to OZ in order to start a new life. According to the recent statistics of Visa First the number of UK immigrants, going to Australia and particularly to Western Australia with working visas is constantly increasing. The latest research of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship show that during the year of 2011 there were 29,018 Indian immigrants, 25,509 Chinese and 25,274 British.

The increase in the number of British Immigrants is around 13% compared with the same period during the previous year. The reason why most of the foreign workers chose Western Australia is that the recent resource boom is creating favourable economic conditions for immigrants. The latest census in Australia indicates that the top 13 places of Australian towns with highest average incomes are occupied by Western Australian cities.

The northwestern town Onslow, for example, is one of the Australian richest places. Furthermore, every one in five households that are employed the mining industry earns more than 16 000 Australian dollars.

“We are being contacted more and more by Western Australian employers looking for different skills, said Edwina Shanahan, director at VisaFirst.

‘We are filling these vacancies with both candidates from the UK, who are looking for a career move overseas, and also from UK candidates who are already working in Western Australia on working holiday visas, but who need an employer sponsor them so that they can continue working in Australia. If we can match up these job applicants with our employer contacts in Western Australia, it’s a win-win for all,” she explained.

Western Australia is currently classified as a “regional area” by the Australian Government. Every applicant who has an eligible job there may apply for a permanent visa for his entire family.

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