The Universal Packaging Checklist

Preparing for a trip is so easy now, as long as you have patience to research the Web for some travelling tips. Different Web sites compete to provide full information for the traveller—from cheap plane tickets to the targeted destination, to a top five items you must have in your backpack.

Here is a tool,, created to provide some helpful information for those on the road. The information you will read there is controlled only by you: You generate your own packaging list by filling out some criteria first, such as dates of travel, way of transport, etc. The tool may be a bit old, and it may be repetitive at times, but it definitely provides you with detailed tips for your trip before you even leave your house. You can also select the type of information you need, such as descriptions, comments, anecdotes, and more. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself playing with it for awhile—it is engaging.

Here’s what I stumbled upon while generating a packaging list for one of my imaginary five-year camping trips with a way of transport—a boat.

“Since they [sandals] don’t cover your feet completely, they might give sand fleas (chiggers) a chance to get a fresh place to lay their eggs. Not dangerous, but very icky. I got them in Tanzania.”

“I was once lost on a mountain in Sudan. I had a compass with me, but didn’t use it to find my way. Pretty stupid, I know. “

“Factor 15 was not enough last time I was up on a mountain, so I’ll go for at least factor 20 next time. And a hat.”

“Remember not to shave in dirty or contaminated water since you can pick up a nasty disease that way. I tend to get small bleeding wounds after shaving, and it’s easy to see why that is bad.”

“Be sure the pockets are tight enough to give pickpockets a hard time. I lost US$100 in a bar in Zimbabwe by ignoring this.”


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