The XXXX Island – perfect getaway for Australian Mates

Pumpkin XXXX Island

The famous Australian beer company “XXXX Gold” converts a private island into the perfect “men-only” retreat for some “mates time”.

The beer company secured a three-year lease on the beautiful island known as Pumpkin Island.

It is an eco-friendly paradise nestled in the Keppel Islands, part of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, 13.8 kilometres off the coast from Yeppoon.

So far the Pumpkin Island is known as a perfect place to escape from the stress of modern life routines. It offers pristine protected beaches, sheltered coves and rare wildlife.

You can enjoy the experience of scuba diving, exploring the largest coral reef in the world, fishing or snorkelling.

If you want to get a relaxing holiday you can just enjoy your day on a glass-bottom kayak, watching dolphins, graceful turtles and even whales.

The beer company decided to turn this paradise into the “XXXX Island” – “the perfect male hideaway from ladies” as they describe it.

The company is planing sending their groups of mates from October onwards. They will be selected through their promotional events.

They don’t give full details on the surprises that await you on the island but the promise is for one great vacation with your friends, enjoying the XXXX beer all the time.

The company takes their ideas right from the general public, as to what should be added to the XXXX Island – for instance, an “ingenious beer-delivery system” and a “one-hole golf course”.

Wayne Rumble, the current owner of Pumpkin Island, told that “he was convinced that XXXX would support the local community by involving the region’s businesses in the island’s development.”

Anthony Hayes, the Tourism Queensland CEO, reacts to the “XXXX Gold” plans also:

“It sends a great message to all of the Queensland tourism industry that things are picking up again.”

One thing is sure – the Island will offer the perfect destination for every men-only holiday:

“In the sun-drenched waters about 15 clicks off the coast of Queensland, lies an island unlike any other – XXXX Island. XXXX Island is the perfect destination for mates trips away.”

We still don’t know how the converted Island will look like, but you can enjoy our photo gallery of the “old” Pumpkin Island:

One of the Australian hidden secret gems – the Pimpkin Island. The best place to escape from your daily routine and enjoy this wonderfull eco friendly nature.

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