There is a decrease in the number of Irish people applying for Australian Working Holiday Visa

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Australian authorities have recently published data about the working holiday visa applications during the previous year.

Surprisingly the number of Irish applicants went down by 25%. The may lead to the conclusion that the number of people that are coming from Ireland to the UK is decreasing, but is this really the case.

The basic statistics show that between July and December around 6500 Irish citizens have received working holiday visa that is a 20% decrease in comparison with 2011.

This figure, however, does not include the activity of the Irish expats that already live in Australia. If we dig a little deeper, we will see that there were 3,735 Irish expats who applied for a second-year visa which was an increase of 33.7% in 2011.

Official information also shows that there were 15,005 Irish people in Australia with working visas on 31 December 2012.

Despite the size of Ireland, this figure represents the fifth-highest expat community in Australia behind the UK, South Korea, Taiwan and Germany.

The demand for foreign skilled workers continues to grow in Australian. The mining industry and the construction sector are especially active in hiring such kind of foreign professionals.

There was 18,4% increase of the employer-sponsored visas granted to Irish citizens during 2012.

The performance of the Australian job market is impressive given the fact that most of the world economies are shrinking due to the global financial crisis.

The conclusion that can be drawn is that Australian remains an attractive option for many Irish Immigrants.

The underlying trend seems to be very positive with more Irish expats looking further afield for economic prosperity no doubt partly caused by the difficult economic situation in Ireland at this moment in time.

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