There will be more opportunities for marketing and engineering professionals in Australia

map of Australia

People who are looking for a new job in Australia during 2014 might have the best chances of finding one in the fields of marketing, engineering and operational management. Almost half of the Australian companies expect to increase the number of people employed in their Marketing Department during the second half of the current year.

It also says that 42% will increase jobs in engineering and operational management, 37% will create opportunities in their IT and sales departments, 35% in project management and 31% in human resources. The business sentiment in the country is also on the rise. 41% of employers see a more positive economic outlook on the horizon and 66% expect their levels of business activity to increase in the year ahead.

The increased confidence in the job markets means that even more candidates will be likely to make a move in their careers during the coming months. This might be viewed as positive news for those businesses which are searching to expand their economic activity by strengthening their workforce.

The Hays Salary Guide shows salary and recruiting trends for over 1,000 roles in 14 locations. It is based on a survey of over 2,500 employers as well as placements made by Hays. Despite the fact that recent years have been problematic due to the winding down of the mining boom and the slowdown in the housing market, employers are now starting to be more positive.

As the recruitment activity increases this will create a lot of skill shortages in the Australian economy which will present skilled foreign workers with an opportunity to find many new jobs in the country.

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