Top 4 job areas for New Zealand Working Holiday Makers

night view of a New Zealand city

Searching for a new job can be a stressful experience for everyone. Therefore we decided to put together a brief list with some occupation fields that are available for people, who are in New Zealand with a Working Holiday Visa.

Adventure Tourism

There are many opportunities for adventure tourism all around New Zealand. Adventure tourism includes various activities such as skydiving, bungee-jumping, surfing or swimming with dolphins. Most of these activities are not cheap.

Therefore working at an adventure tourism company may be a great idea for working holidaymakers, who want to save some money and have some fun at the same time. Even for people without industry-related working experience, there could be job places available in non-qualified positions like front office, sales and reservations, and housekeeping.


Fruit picking positions in New Zealand are available at places such as vineyards or farms that cultivate kiwis, strawberries, apples, and avocados. This type of work is hard and physically demanding but could be a great opportunity for people who are searching for short-time employment.

It should be noted that fruit picking is a job that depends on the weather and on the season. Therefore people, who want to work in this area, should be the more patient and flexible attitude towards the job.

Hotels, Tourism and Hospitality

Working at hotels, bars, pubs, restaurant, hostels etc is another popular opportunity for New Zealand Working Holiday Makers. A job such as waitressing, for example, provides excellent opportunities to meet new people and to get the feel of the city in which you are working and travelling.

When you become an expert in a particular city you may consider taking a job in a hostel, advising other tourists and working holidaymakers about local events, travel and sightseeing landmarks that are interesting to visit. A lot of those hostel positions may provide you with accommodation as well.

Ski Resorts

The mountain range South Alps extending along much of the length of New Zealand’s South Island feature many world-class ski resorts. Two of the most popular are Queenstown and Wanaka. Those resorts offer a lot of working places in areas ranging from rentals to ski lift operator to instructor.

Important job websites in New Zealand – the NZ analogy of – for people searching for employment in NZ ski resorts – offers information about various jobs in the area of horticulture and fruit picking – NZ version of – hotel, hostel and hospitality jobs – seasonal work in New Zealand

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