Top 5 Most Popular Australian Visas


You might be surprised, but the Australian Working Holiday Visa is not the only option to get to Australia!

Australia is one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world together with the USA and New Zealand. Each year the government grants a number of visas. For 2015 the number of permanent migration Australian visas was about 190 000. The main purpose of this programme is to support the growing economy, help the need for a fresh and qualified workforce and last but not least bring together families of expats.

The majority of the people going to Australia, about 70% are skilled migrants and about 30% are people joining their relatives. Among the top countries providing the most visitors to Australia are 1. India, 2. China, 3. The UK. In the top 10 is also Ireland which holds 6th place. There are many different programmes which give the opportunity to visit Australia and here is a list with the most popular Australian visas.

Australian Working Holiday Visa

This is one of the most popular visas among young people. The Australian Working Holiday Visa gives you the opportunity to visit the country and, have a good time while working and travelling across the continent. You must be from one of the eligible countries aged from 18 to 30.

The visa allows you to stay and work for a year. Applicants must have a clean criminal record and meet certain requirements. It’s important that all documents are prepared properly by a professional to make sure your application has the best chance of succeeding. This visa has an option for an extension, the 2nd Australian Working Holiday Visa which extends the stay for one more year.

Australian Sponsorship Visa

The Sponsorship visa gives the applicants the right to work and live in Australia for up to 4 years. The most important requirement for the visa is to have a job offer in an eligible occupation from your Sponsor (Authorized company) willing to proceed with your visa and hire you. A common practice is applicants who are on WHV to extend their stay applying for the Australian Sponsorship Visa.

Australian De Facto Visa

As we mentioned above about 30% of the long term visitors are staying in Australia with their loved ones – on a De Facto visa. To apply for that visa you need to be in relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen and be able to prove that you are living with them in a genuine common-law relationship.

The Australian De Facto Visa has 2 categories – temporary and permanent. The first one is for 2 years, which could be extended, and the second one gives you 5 years of stay after which you can apply for citizenship.

Australia E-visitor Visa

The Australia ETA visa is created for visitors who are entering the country for business purposes, short conferences or any other short term trips. This is a multiple entry visa, allowing up to 3 months of stay in Australia. It fits very well both tourist and business travellers.

Australia Visitor Visa

This visa is valid for up to 12 months. You are allowed to travel and visit friends and relatives but you cannot work in the country. The main requirement for this visa is to have sufficient funds in order to support yourself during your stay in Australia.

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