Top 8 Things to Do in Sydney

Sydney has it all: great beaches, magnificent harbour, and views to remember!

If you plan to visit Sydney soon, check out if these below are on your bucket list.

1. Bondi Beach

Panoramic view of Bondi Beach in Sydney, at sunset

It’s definitely worthwhile to start with Bondi Beach. With its turquoise waters and golden sand, Bondi Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia and no doubt one of the most famous in the world. It’s roughly a kilometre long and always full of locals and tourists. Located on the East Coast, Bondi Beach is a suburb of Sydney.

2. The Royal Botanic Gardens

royal botanic garden Sydney opening hours

The Royal Botanic Gardens are located very close to the Sydney Opera House. It’s amazing because the gardens are filling an area of land between the Harbour and the eastern part of the central business area.

An oasis in the heart of the city! There are more than one million specimens. You can come across a great diversity of plants – from huge trees, putting aside a wonderful shade to palms, roses and ferns. There’s a gorgeous view of the Harbour from the top of the hill, so you can go there and enjoy it.

The Gardens can be accessed by bus, train or ferry. You can see people walking around the Harbourfront at the lower part of the gardens during lunchtime or jogging in the mornings as this place is full of people daily till sunset when it closes. Walking through the gardens and along the seawall is a great way to relax in Sydney.

3. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Night

One of the most recognizable buildings in Australia and why not in the world! Even if you are not going to see a performance there, Sydney Opera is a visual performance itself. It’s 185 metres long and 120 wide and hosts 3,000 performances and events every year.

4. Sydney Harbour

Sydney harbour bridge

Sydney Harbour is considered one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. One of the best and inexpensive ways to explore it is by ferry. It’s dotted with hundreds of sailboats, ferries, and kanus.

Sydney Harbour Bridge has become an international symbol of Australia with its steel arch and beautiful harbour location. The Circular Quay is the launching point for ferries and sightseeing tours. You should not miss climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge to enjoy magnificent views of the city lights as this is one of Australia’s iconic monuments.

5. Taronga Zoo

Sydney taronga zoo

There are so many exhibits showing a really wide range of species in Taronga Zoo, that you’d love this place! There’s also a concert stage at Taronga Zoo, which is set up for the hot shows spanning eight weekends in February and March. So, if you are in Sydney during that time, don’t miss them.

6. Sydney Aquarium

sydney aquarium

This is a great attraction, situated near Sydney Harbour’s Circular Quay. It’s a home of thousands of specifies – mammals, tropical, fresh, salt and cold water fishes, from Aussie ocean and rivers. You can walk underwater and explore Australia’s aquatic life of a variety of sharks, sea turtles, listen to expert commentary and watch free shows.

7. Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney tower sunset

With its 250 m height, Sydney Tower Eye is twice the height of Sydney Harbour and a perfect start of your journey. It’s located in the heart of the city and will reveal the whole city to you as well as its surroundings. Magnificent! Don’t miss it!

8. Royal National Park

Garie Beach Royal national park

Royal National Park consists of over 100 km of walking tracks and is considered the second-oldest national park in the world. You can walk the coast and enjoy wonderful views or you can explore the rainforests, the variety of habitats and woodlands in the park.

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