Top Cities Worldwide For Expats With Children

Expats with CHildren

Planning a move abroad with your family in tow? An international move is a huge undertaking and especially so if you are going to be moving with young children.

You will have to take into consideration factors like safety, family-friendly neighbourhoods, quality of schools, child care facilities and so on before you choose a city.

According to HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey, Canada, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Australia and the United Arab Emirates are the top 5 countries to raise children abroad, based on criteria like a standard of education, safety, quality of child care, social integration and cost of raising children.

We have listed the best cities in each of these countries that you should consider for your move abroad.

Calgary, Canada

Calgary - Canada

In a study by MoneySense Canada, Calgary was ranked the top city to live in Canada. The same study also ranked Calgary as the ‘best city to raise kids’ in the country.

The city has low crime and unemployment rates, affordable housing options, excellent health care facilities and above-average household income.

Calgary also topped the study for factors like percentage of families with kids, cost of daycare and population of children under the age of 14.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Monocle’s Cities Index named Hong Kong in the Top-5 ‘Most Liveable Cities’ in Asia. Hong Kong fared very well safety, access to nature and tolerance.

HSBC’s Expat Explorer survey ranked Hong Kong as the No.1 city in the world for the safety of children, quality of child care and standard of education.

Hong Kong also finished in the Top-5 countries worldwide for factors like children playing more sport, watching less TV, spending more time outdoors, social integration, spending more time with parents and eating less junk food.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


According to the United Nation’s latest Human Development Index, the Netherlands in the No.3 best place to live in the world and Amsterdam the best city to live in the country as per a study of all municipalities in the country by Atlas.

Various factors like safety, proximity to nature, families with children and quality of education were taken into account.

The Expat Explorer Survey ranked the country in the Top-3 worldwide for social integration of children, cost of raising a family and kids learning a new language.

Canberra, Australia


Australian cities are consistently ranked in the Top-10 in any given quality of life study. U.N’s Human Development Index placed Australia as the No.2 country to live globally.

In a study by the Property Council of Australia, Canberra was ranked second in overall liveability.

Another study by Suncorp Bank revealed that Canberra was the most family-friendly big city in Australia based on factors such as safety, availability of childcare, disposable incomes and number of students per school.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

UAE ranks as the No.2 safest place in the world for children, according to HSBC’s Expat Explorer study. The country also featured in the Top-5 worldwide for factors such as quality of childcare, social integration of children, learning a new language and watching less TV.

According to a study by, Abu Dhabi is the most liveable city in the Middle East based on criteria like quality of healthcare, access to green areas, employment opportunities and low levels of air, noise and water pollution.

Author Bio: Hamad Jifri is an international move specialist with FeedbacQ, a platform that connects expats to quality international movers worldwide.


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