Top Countries With The Best Reputation. Sweden, Canada, Switzerland Make The Top 3. Australia, New Zealand and Ireland In Top 10.

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Having good reputation has become more important than ever in any aspect. This rule applies to companies and big corporations and it becomes a big factor for countries as well. In this report are taken into consideration many factors which are building the entire image of a country from – advanced economy and appealing environment to effective government. Those 3 categories include many sectors of business, social, political and economic life of the countries which are important for every person, company or tourist.

The leaders in this ranking are 1. Sweden, 2. Canada, 3. Switzerland, 4. Australia, 5. Norway, 6. Finland, 7. New Zealand, 8. Denmark, 9. Ireland, 10. The Netherlands. It is clearly visible that 7 countries of top 10 are from Europe. What do they share in common is the highest index of happiness, peaceful and social progressive, great education and healthcare. The top 10 members are pretty stable during the years except for Ireland the new member.

The main drivers of good reputation are grouped into 3 categories mentioned above.

The first category – advanced economy includes aspects like contribution to global culture, high-quality products or services, well-educated workforce, famous brands, education, technologically advanced.

The second category is appealing environment and it includes factors like – beautiful country, appealing lifestyle, enjoyable country, friendly and welcoming.

Third and most important group is an effective government which includes – safe place, ethical country, responsible participant in global community, effective government, progressive social and economic policies, operates efficiently, favourable environment for business.

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