Tourism Australia launches a new marketing program

The Australian government agency Tourism Australia, which is responsible for the international promotion of the country as a tourist destination, has launched a new A$ 250 million marketing campaign in China.

The campaign will go under the slogan “There is nothing like Australia” and is part of the global marketing strategy of Tourism Australia to attract more tourists to the country.

China is currently the most important tourist market for Australia due to the growth potential that it represents.

It provides an excellent opportunity for Tourism Australia to reach its target of 900 000 new tourists per year, who will bring an estimated A$9 billion in the Australian economy.

The marketing campaign will feature new broadcast, print and online advertising materials. In addition to that, it will have a strong emphasis on digital and social media.

It will use as leverage the 3 million Facebook fans that Tourism Australia already has. In order to see the multimedia material that will be associated with the campaign visit the following link.

There will be also a mobile application that will be offered to the customers. It will include more information on the stories and the locations that are featured in the video.

The campaigns feature some of the Australia’s most famous and interesting touristic attractions such as Bungle Bungles in The Kimberley, Sydney’s harbour, Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef’s Lizard and Hayman Islands, Freycinet in Tasmania and South Australia’s Kangaroo Island.

The locations and the way they were shot illustrates Australia’s distinctive hospitality products and touristic experiences, that are one of the world’s best

After China, the global campaign will continue in USA and UK, which are the other traditional markets for Australian tourist products and services.

$5 million from the campaign’s budget will be spent on the domestic market in order to encourage Australians to holiday in their own country.

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