UK and USA are the most preffered destinations for professional immigration

aerial view of London, UK

According to a new report carried out by the ESCP Europe Business School USA, UK and Australia are the leading countries for professional immigration.

More than 2000 professionals, who have relocated worldwide, were questioned in the survey. They are employed in a range of fields such as finance, industry, retail, energy, and legal.

The survey found that those questioned chose to move to find greater career opportunities, to increase their earning potential and to experience life in another country.

72% said that they had earned more as a result of moving and 77% said it had enhanced their careers. 98% said they would recommend the experience to others.

Around 28% of the respondents indicated that the United States is their preferred destination.

The UK was a popular destination for lawyers and life science workers but surprisingly not for finance professionals, despite the fact that the City is one of the largest financial centres in the world.

It is also surprising that the UK is particularly attractive for technology professionals as the country is not known for its high-tech industry, nevertheless, London is slowly becoming a globally important place for this industry.

‘The US is still the dominant force, but the UK is definitely on the march. The States has Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

The UK has Silicon Roundabout near Old Street, where you’ve got all these exciting firms opening.

A lot of Europeans view the UK as a tech hub where you can work for exciting fast-paced companies. We’re seeing a lot of Europeans coming to work in the UK.’

In addition to that, the survey found that people who want to work abroad usually stay there longer than initially planned.

Around 63% of the surveyed stated that they have remained abroad for more than six years. Many of them consider whether or not to apply for permanent residence or even for local citizenship.


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