UK announces fall in the number of international students

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According to the most recent numbers of the UK Bureau of Statistics, there is a significant drop in the number of incoming net immigration to the country.

The number of net immigrants is calculated by subtracting the number of people who live the country from those who are entering.

In the year to September 2012, 500,000 people immigrated and 347,000 left so the net immigration figure was 153,000.

This is 89,000 lower than the 242,000 figure for the year to September 2011; 242,000. At the election during 2010, the current Prime Minister of UK David Cameron promised that he will cut the immigration if elected.

Mr Cameron did become the Prime Minister at the head of a Coalition government. The Coalition said it would reduce the UK’s net immigration figure from its then level, about 260,000 per year, to ‘tens of thousands’ annually.

This was interpreted than most political analysts to mean that the net immigration will fall below 100 000 people per year. The latest figure while still more than the target is the lowest since 2003.

According to some critics, the fall in immigration is due to the reduction in the number of international students.

The number of students arriving in the UK to study with Tier 4 student visas fell by over 50,000 from 246,000 to 190,000.

Many UK officials, however, claim their effort is hitting only bogus colleges and do not have any serious impact on legitimate institutions.

On the other hand, Jason Pitman, who is a head of the educational company Study Group stated that the reduced number of foreign students in the UK is a great concern.

He said ‘Even conservative estimates suggest 40% of international students arrive at universities through further education and independent pathway routes.

This supply is being slowly strangled and is a catastrophe waiting to happen for UK higher education’.

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