UK family visitor visa applicants will have no right of appeal for visa rejections.

UK Immigration minister Damian Green has stated that Family visitor visa will be unable to appeal if their visa application is rejected.

The British Home Office has announced that the new changes will take place form 2014 after parliamentary approval and Royal Assent have been granted.

The main reason for implementing the new rules is the fact that the visa appeal process takes a lot of time and costs to much money for  UK taxpayers.

In addition to that the number of submitted appeals since 2000 has skyrocketed.

For example more than 50 000 appeals have been registered during the last year.

At the same time in most of these appeal cases the reason for refusal is simply, that the applicants have filled the application form incorrectly or have provided insufficient documents to support their application.

The new rules will significantly free up immigration tribunals so that they can deal with more serious cases.

Furthermore, around 29 million pounds which were spent as the cost of processing of visa appeals will be saved from the UK taxpayers.

Another argument that is given in support of the change is that there is no other type of visa ( such as business or tourist visa) that attracts the same full right of appeal.

With regards to the changes, the Immigration minister Damian Green commented: “We are not stopping anybody visiting family in the UK; if an applicant meets the rules they will be granted a visa.

However, it is grossly unfair that UK taxpayers have had to foot the huge bill for foreign nationals who, in many cases, have simply failed to provide the correct evidence to support their application”.

The prospective family visitor visa applicants will be encouraged to reapply for their visa instead.

Some critics have brought up the issue that the changes will prevent those people who are filling well-grounded appeals. Mr Green, however, stated that rejected applicants will still have the possibility to appeal on racial discrimination or human rights ground.


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