UK Super Priority visa for UAE nationals

UK tower

A new fast-track 24-hour visa service will be available for UAE nationals travelling to the UK from April 2015.

This Super Priority visa has already been launched for China and India and will now expand to the UAE. The other countries to participate in this project are Thailand, Turkey, South Africa and the Philippines.

This new visa is part of government’s efforts to enforce business and support investments in the UK. It’s also part of a long-term economic plan including cutting corporate tax to the lower rate in the G7. Hopefully, this new fast-track visa will attract wealthy tourists, businessmen and investors to visit and trade with Britain.

The government announced the cost for the visa will be £600 but the applicants need to meet certain criteria before they get the visa approved.

This visa will give an opportunity to anyone from the UAE who urgently needs a UK visa to get one in just 24 hours, avoiding the lengthy bureaucratic obstacles and longer processing times.

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