UK will crack down sham marriages


The UK’s Chief Inspector of Immigration, John Vine will begin conducting investigations into people who are into fictive marriages whose aim is just to obtain residence and work permits for the UK. Despite the UK’s efforts to curb immigration, sham marriages remain a massive loophole which allows thousands of people to enter and remain in the UK illegally.

Many religious ministers fail to report such kind of marriages to the immigration authorities which makes very difficult to catch the fraudsters, who break the law. According to a recent report of the UK Border Agency, 88 of the register offices in England did not raise the alarm about even one suspicious marriage over the first ten months of 2013.

There were no reports at all from some of the UK’s biggest cities. The report does not say which ones. The statistics show that there more than 7000 suspected sham marriages during 2013. At the same time, only 90 people were expelled from the UK in the same period. The usual pattern of action for those crimes is that man from outside the European Union will pay a local gang which will find him a woman to marry. Those women come mostly from the new EU countries – Poland, CzechRepublic, Hungary and Slovakia.

The marriage will often take place at an out-of-the-way registry office. The woman will probably only enter the UK for a few days but, because she is an EU citizen, marriage to her will confer residency rights on her spouse.

The gang involved will usually create fraudulent evidence that the man and the men are a genuine couple. In addition to that, there is a large number of women who come from Asia and Africa, married English women and abandon them once they establish themselves in the country.

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