UK Youth Mobility Scheme 2012 Available for Taiwanese citizens

New changes to the UK immigration rules have made it possible for Taiwanese citizens to apply for the UK Youth mobility scheme from January 2012

UK Border Agency has allocated a quota of 1000 places for applicants from Taiwan for the UK Youth Mobility Scheme during the year of 2012.

This corresponds to the number of places that the UK Citizens will receive in the Taiwanese Working Holiday Scheme.

The application requirements for Taiwanese will be similar to those of other countries’ candidates. In order to apply for the program, you must be between 18-30 years old.

You have to possess maintenance funds in cash equal to £1600. Furthermore, the prospective UK Youth Mobility Scheme candidates must send a colour photo and their passport in support of their application.

They must also confirm that no children under the age of 18 lie under their responsibility.

Appliers with Taiwanese passport must ensure that they possess a certificate of sponsorship from Taiwan’s National Youth Commission.

In order to obtain this document, you have to register on the National Youth Commission website. You can check the details about the relevant deadlines and registration dates on the Youth Commission’s site as well.

You should also download the registration form and send it to the National Youth Commission together with a copy of your National ID card and proof of military service completion ( for males only).

The maximum number of sponsorship certificates that will be issued in 2012 is 1000. If the applications exceed this number, 1000 of them will be chosen on a random basis.

If the applications are less than 1000 all the candidates that meet the minimum requirements will receive a sponsorship certificate.


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