US Congess will decide on the new immigration bill in June

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The United States Congress has announced that in June it will vote on the new immigration reform prepared by the so-called “Gang of Eight”.

The Gang of Eight consists of four republican and four democrat senators, who are working on the new bill since January.

The Republicans include the former Presidential candidate John McCain and the youthful darling of the right Marco Rubio who, many believe, will challenge for the presidency in 2016.

The Democrats include veteran New York senator Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin of Illinois.

When the US president Barack Obama was re-elected at the end of 2012 it promised to make the immigration reform one of his biggest priorities during his second term.

Therefore he left the eight senators to prepare the new bill and he was ready to step in if they failed to reach any agreement.

Last week the senators released their proposal and if it becomes a low some of the most important changes will include increased security measures on the Mexican border in order to prevent any illegal migration.

It will create a pathway to citizenship for the nearly 11 million illegal immigrants in the USA. Create a new “W type” visa that will allow low-skilled workers to come to the US.

It will increase the number of Green Cards given to highly skilled professionals.

Increase the number of H-1B graduate-level, temporary work visas that are granted annually from 65,000 to 110,000 immediately with a possibility that the figure could rise to a maximum of 180,000 annually

In order to become an actual legal bill, the proposal will need to pass the two house of the US Congress – the Senate where Obama’s Democrats have the majority and the House of Representatives where the Republicans, who are traditionally more opposed to immigration have the control.

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