US congress might vote on the immigration reform in 2014

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The lower house of the US Congress will vote on the new immigration bill during 2014. The vice president, Joe Biden said early in December that ‘it’s going to happen’. There are a lot of reasons for optimism. The House of the Representatives will have more time during 2014. A lot of political analysts expected that most of 2014 will be taken up by negotiations.

The congress, however, reached an agreement about US government funding during December 2013 and will have more time for the immigration bill on its agenda. In addition to that, the House speaker John Boehner has stated that he wishes to pass the bill when there is enough time for that. Mr Boehner and Tea Party-backed Republicans in the House of Representatives have been responsible for holding up the progress of a comprehensive immigration reform bill which was passed by the Senate in June 2013.

President Obama has also placed the immigration reform as one of his priorities for 2014. According to him the bill will be compromised and will not give either democrats or republicans everything that they want. Some of the main innovations that the new bill will bring are the creation of new pathway citizenship for the 9 million illegal immigrants that are living in the country. In addition to that, there will be 4,5 billion dollars more for US Homeland Security.

The number of H1-B visas that are issued will increase from 65 000 to 180 000. John Boehner, who is a Speaker of the House of Representatives has the right to decide what bills will be voted on and when. Until now he has refused to arrange to vote on the immigration bill and has said that he will do this when he is sure that at least 51% of the representatives will support it.

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