US H-1B Visa is Stopped

USA immigration policy

Recently the H-1B visa was stopped. Obviously the new president of the USA is going to make a lot of changes to the US visa and migration policy. Earlier this year Trump banned passport holders of 7 countries from entering the USA. It echoed globally and in the same time made a statement that US border control will be stricter than ever.

The US officials say that H-1B visa could be on hold for about 6 months. This may cause a lot of issues to many applicants and at the same time to US business. Usually, holders of this kind of visas are highly qualified professionals. Those employees are on high demand in the USA as the country feels deficit of such workforce especially in the technology and IT sector. The last couple of years the Silicon Valley was signalling for the high demand for IT and engineers to support the needs of the corporate business. The high tech industry is a key factor in the US economy, as some of the world’s biggest companies happen to be American ones working in Silicon Valley.

Annually the number of H-1B visa number issued is 65 000. There is an exclusion if the first 20 000 application are holding a US master’s degree are excluded from this number and the total visa number could jump to 85 000. Some of the biggest companies who will suffer from this decision are Google, IBM, Deloitte.

The supporters of this act are claiming that this will stimulate business to hire local talents or to work in a way to create an environment good for producing such pool of people. The official government statement is claiming that the department needs to concentrate on requests for extensions and other long-pending petitions.

Further to this ban over H-1B visas was announced that restrictions will be set for the spouses of the H-1B visa holders. This will limit significantly the chance of working in the USA. The only option will be finding a sponsor for the H-1B visa, volunteer or go back to school.

About 70% of the H1-B visa holders are of Indian nationality as per the latest stats provided.

This decision is not yet taken and H-1B holder spouses are awaiting this question to be cleared as soon as possible.

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