In an interview for The Irish Times, Edwina Shanahan, Director at Visa First said that there’s a major change in the profile of people coming on the information roadshow organize nationwide.

While leaving Ireland was out of necessity for 60% of all attendees on the roadshows 2 years ago, this figure decreased to 40% now. Despite the positive tendencies, there are still people leaving the country because they are looking for a better life for their families.

People with certain trade skills are looking for a better-paid job in Canada or Australia and New Zealand and after they settle down there, their families are subsequently following them in a few years. Most of the employers are usually interested to assist them to relocate because it’s in their interest to do this.

Although the one-year working holiday visa for people under 30 is always popular, those looking for travel to work should also consider the different working visa options for Australia. Workers with a job from an Australian employer are entitled to an Australian Sponsorship visa.

New Zealand experiences a crying need for workers at the moment, especially tradespeople, 30-plus.  There are huge ongoing construction projects over there and it’s predicted that qualified people will be demanded for at least the next 10 years.

Edwina also said that people changed their preferred location from Australia and New Zealand to Canada and the USA now.  Canadian employers are desperately looking for Irish general labourers, heavy-duty mechanics, truck drivers, mechanical and construction trades.

And the reason why Irish prefer Canada is the huge amount of jobs available, also it’s nearer to home, language and culture is similar to Ireland.

The next Visa First information roadshow will be in October, so it will be good to see if these immigration outlooks persist.

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