Visa First Now Processes Kyrgyz Tourist and Business Visas

Visa First recently started processing tourist and business visas for Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is considered the highlight of Central Asia and here’s why:

  • The country’s natives are famous for their hospitality – in fact, they are known as being the friendliest people in the Central Asian region.
  • The country is easily accessible while, at the same time, it is still distant and unknown for countries outside Asia.
  • Although the infrastructure is not well-developed, it is actually quite attractive for the adventure-thirsty travellers due to the picturesque lakes, mountains, grasslands, and more. You may even run into wild nomads who again, are extremely friendly.
  • Getting a visa in Kyrgyzstan is quite easy compared to the other Stan-countries, and visa extensions are practicable.
  • Sleeping in a yurt is a unique experience. A yurt is < a wooden lattice-framed structure covered by feeling and is traditionally used by nomads in Central Asia.
  • The Kyrgyz cuisine is quite unique as well. The preparation of the meat has been widely influenced by the nomadic way of life. The national dish, called besh barmak, is made of boiled horse meat and homemade noodles with parsley and coriander. The name is literary translated as five fingers because the meal is typically eaten with hands. And, men are considered better cooks than women. 🙂
  • Accommodation is low-cost.
  • CBT makes travellers’ life quite easy – Community-Based Tourism is an agency established by several organizations and is cheap and well-organized. The CBT makes is possible for tourists to blend in with the locals and get to know their culture deeper; they organize accommodation and transport and provides guides. They can also arrange for you to stay in a yurt.

If you want to get a feel of  Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan may be your safest bet – low-cost, easy to access, with an extraordinary way of life influenced by nomads, and beautiful nature.


I'm Pakistani and live in and do business in Uganda. I want to visit Kyrgyzstan. How can i get the visa? Please, guide me about it. I want a tourist visa.

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