What really changes when you change your address?

More and more people today move and emigrate in an attempt to ‘escape’ from or solve their problems.

Psychologists call this attempt for personal reinvention through relocation a “geographic cure” or “pulling geographic”.

The question is, do people really solve their problems simply by moving out, and what really changes when they change their address?

In an article in NYTimes.com, Elizabeth Stirling, a psychologist in Santa Fe, N.M., specializing in helping people make life changes, stated, “No matter how much you move, you still take yourself with you.”

Why is moving then so common in modern times?

Practically, people are not likely to ‘solve’ their problem or ‘escape’ from it by relocating. As an experienced traveller and a person who has been to places and met folks from all around the world, Izabel explains her view:

“Any such experience out of the routine refreshes you and brings you to life as a broad concept. It is not about solving problems but it is about changing perception and this is what can solve your problems. The taste of freedom, even the temporary taste of freedom is a creative force. It lies within us but we just grew up and forgot about it. Travelling is a good ‘red pill’ to get back to it.”

So, if travelling can change people’s perspective so much that it can help them brighten up their routine and taste freedom, why don’t they take the time to travel a bit before they take the step of emigrating or relocating?

After all, moving may be a solution, but it may be a lot more stressful than people could imagine.

In that same article in NY Times.com, it is said that according to psychologists, “those who never or rarely move can be frozen by a fear of change.”

In addition, “The prospect of leaving the place that is the centre of your universe or the one constant in your life can be frightening.”

In short, if you are bored out of your mind, or you seem to be experiencing a series of unfortunate events, before you take the major step of emigrating to another country or simply moving to another city, take a break and travel a bit. Things may be simpler than you initially thought.


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