Why Australia is so attractive for immigrants?

Australian beach view

Over the past few months, Australia has made international headlines for a number of different reasons related to the continued influx of immigrants. There are many motives which contribute to the recent increase of inbound migration to Australia.

Firstly, the Australian economy has still not been significantly affected by the world recession which started in 2008. Instead, the government has projected 4% growth for 2012 and it is estimated that the current growth period will continue for the next 10 years. Furthermore, the Australian labour market is in particularly good shape creating a strong demand for skilled immigrants.

The second reason for the attractiveness of Australia is its immigration system. The recent implementation of Skill Select service facilitates the visa application process and makes it very easy for people who have skills and experience which are in shortage in Australia to apply and receive a visa.

Even in the current economic downturn, there are still steady numbers of foreign applicants that are being granted different types of Australian working visas. Last but not least, Australia has an excellent climate and natural environment.

Although as a result of the global warming the Australian climate has changed during the last decade, the country still offers very comfortably weather and environment to live in. That is why so many expats from North Europe regard Australia as a very attractive destination.

Furthermore, the country offers a lot of natural diversity that is rarely seen in other places around the world. It seems that Australia has been riding the crest of a wave for some time now. The current economic boom shows no signs that it will end any time soon.

There are still a lot of skill shortages in the Australian labour market which means that the country’s economy is still on the up. This creates excellent opportunities for people who possess the specific skills which are in demand and have chosen to immigrate and start a new life in Australia.

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