Work and Travel USA vs. Working Holiday Australia

A lot of people are familiaUSA Work and Travel vs Australian Working Holidayr with the United States Work and Travel program. America is one of the most popular travel destinations for many young people from all over the world. In this article we are going to explore how the American Work and Travel program compares with the Australian Working Holiday.

Going on a work and travel program in United States offers to many young people a good opportunity to get acquainted with a foreign land and to immerse in a different culture. Furthermore they will be able to gather international work experience and to significantly improve their English language skills before starting with their professional life. The candidates are not required to have specific skills, qualifications or working experience in order to apply for the Work and Travel program. Most of the Work and Travel positions include jobs such as: cashiers, hosts and staff in hotels, restaurants or entertainment parks.

After you have decided to do a Work and Travel program in USA, the next question is: what kind of visa you should apply for? United States does not offer exact analog of the Australian Working Holiday visa, but there is a close substitute –  J1 visa. In comparison with the Working Holiday Visa there are several important differences.

  • You must be a student
  • You must prove that you have a job offer at the time of your application
  • You must have intermediate knowledge of English language

In general the requirements for the American Work and Travel program are stricter. It is meant to be only for registered university students and therefore it operates only during the summer vacation in the months between May and September. After the period of work has finished all of the participants have a right of  an additional month in which they can travel throughout United States.

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Thanks for noting a couple of major differences between the requirements of the US and Oz Work and Travel programs. Maybe when September is finished, a keen student could go to Australia and grab a job there, too:)

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