Working Holiday Visa Lottery in Germany

Working Holiday VisaAustralia is a top choice destination for a lot of young people from Germany, who want to travel. Many students visit the country after high school or after university in order to gather valuable working and international experience and to improve their English language skills. In order to let young people to fulfill their travelling dreams, the government agency Tourism Australia organizes a working holiday lottery in cooperation with several Australian states. The prizes are 12 working holiday visas together with exciting jobs. As an additional stimulus will serve the fact that the winners will have a possibility to take a friend with them so that they can travel and work together.

All Germans between 18-30 years can participate. An additional requirement is that all participants involve their friend in the game. Later they can choose one person from their Facebook community and travel with him/her in Australia.

In Queensland there are two exciting jobs that the winners can take. The first possibility for the winners is to work as a Reef Guide on the biggest coral reef in the world. The employer will be the leading Great Barrier Reef tours and cruising company Quicksilver. The participants will have the opportunity to gain experiences in different touring tasks as well as to participate in the local program for supporting and promoting sustainable ecotourism in the area.

The second winner will also have the opportunity to work as a Reef guide, but with different company – Cruise Whitsundays. He will have to work together with marine biologist and divers. Their tasks will be to learn as much as they can for the current state of the reef and then to transmit this knowledge to the tourists.

The jobs will take place between September this year and March next year. There will be also a possibility for a weekend work. The salary will be the usual for the sector (around 18 dollars per hour)

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hi sir or madam, i am from Ethiopia but i stay in Kenya.i am heavy truck driver for 20 year.but i didn't going school i got by experience.please can you help me please how can i get visa to work and leave in Germany

i love to work and school in Germany on part time basis........if there is someone.who have anybody there that can assist me ...i will be very happy to get an helper...pls if God put you in position to help me pls do......and GOD WILL REWARD YOU TOO......i am from Nigeria....i am an honest person 26 years of age and hard working young man my email address is best regards...

Hi Eguji, You can send your CV at and the relevant visa department will get back to you with more details on the most proper visa for you. Best regards, VisaFirst

please i want to travel to germmay if your people can help me pls thank

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