Working in Australia – Another Happy Visafirst Client


Hi guys, my name is Adam Brook, I am 22 and I have started my new life in Australia!

1. Where did you live in the UK, and where do you live now?
I lived in Halifax Yorkshire, and I now live in Albany, Western Australia.
2. Why did you want to live in Australia?
I did my first working holiday when I was 18, over 4 years ago and ever since then have really missed the place and made it my goal to do everything possible to live in this beautiful country. I feel there are better work and life prospects here and much more opportunities in every walk of life here.

3. Were you very familiar with Australia before you left?
Not at all the first time but its all part of the adventure and your only every day travelling away from your home and family.


4. What is your story from when you first left the UK to where you are now?
In terms of this year, I was lucky enough to do lots of travelling around WA and live in many different places and that enabled me to be offered my sponsor and get to know if I would like to live in this area. I now am much more stable with my own house and a full-time job working towards my residency.

5. What were the costs?
I think all up the working holiday was around $300, and the sponsor $4000-$6000 it sounds a lot but I think it is an investment in my future and will be well worth it in the long run.

6. What’s the housing market like at the moment – i.e. Cheap? Scarce? Overvalued? Booming?
I am only renting at present and was very fortunate to find a very nice, modern unit for $200 a week that is close to town and to my work so it is ideal for my current needs.

7. How do the food, nightlife and leisure activities compare?
In the place I’m in there is some nightlife and many leisure activities to do but not as many as say Perth, however, I think it’s important to go out more over here to prevent yourself from being homesick but also to meet and socialize with many people as the Ozzys are a great bunch of people mostly. I miss the good curries from England but they have some good steak houses here and fresh seafood places if that’s your fancy.

8. Any information/ tips you would like to pass on to those about to make the move?
First of all good luck to you, you’ve come this far and if you’ve weighed up all the pros and cons and still want to do the move make sure you are 110% willing to do it as its a big commitment both emotionally and financially, but think of the rewards 10 years from now!

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