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Work Visa Extension

If you are in New Zealand on a working holiday visa, you can get it extended for an additional 3 months. You don’t need a job offer – just evidence that you have completed 3 months of seasonal work in the horticulture or viticulture industries.

Your new work visa will have 3 months validity after the expiry date of your initial allowed stay. It will inherit the conditions of your first working holiday visa.

Eligibility Requirements

There are just a few conditions that you need to meet with if you plan to secure an extension to your Working Holiday visa:

  • Be in New Zealand on a valid working holiday visa at the time of applying.
  • Show evidence that you have completed 3 months of seasonal work in the Horticulture and/or Viticulture industries in New Zealand while on your first Working Holiday visa;
  • Continue to maintain sufficient enough funds to cover your stay in New Zealand and be able to buy a return or onward ticket;
  • Continue to hold medical insurance if this was a requirement of your first working holiday visa.
  • You must not have previously applied for extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is seasonal work?

Seasonal work is defined as planting, maintaining, harvesting or packing crops.

When is the best time to apply?

Most applications are processed within 24 days, but it can take longer in some situations. If you current visa expires during the extension review period you will be granted an Interim visa allowing you to remain in New Zealand until a decision is taken. We advise to apply well in advance of those 24 days.

How do I apply?

Register with Visa First to obtain the application form and checklist of documents we need to prepare your application. Visa First will review your application and inspect it for completeness and correctness. Once this is completed, post or bring the completed application to NZ immigration along with application fees and supporting documents as instructed by Visa First.

Do I need a job offer?

No, you don’t need a job offer. Your seasonal work doesn’t need to be for a specific employer nor continuous.

How long will my application take to process?

The processing time for the NZ Working Holiday visa extension is 24 days. In some cases it could take longer.

Conditions & Entitlements

  • You may work with any employer in the Horticulture and/or Viticulture industries to obtain the required 3 months of seasonal work and it does not have to be continuous work.
  • On completion of your seasonal work, you are entitled stay in New Zealand for to an additional 3 months once your application for a Working Holiday visa extension has been approved.
  • You must use this extra 3 months immediately after your initial working holiday visa expires thus allowing you to be in New Zealand for a continuous 15 month period.
  • The visa extension allows you multiple entry to travel in and out of New Zealand.
  • If medical insurance was a requirement while on your first working holiday visa, you must continue to maintain your medical insurance for the additional 3 month extension period also.
  • You are permitted to study in New Zealand for a period of up to 6 months during your total stay (15 months) in New Zealand.
  • You can stay longer in New Zealand if you apply for another visa (including Work Permit, student, and residency visas) if you meet the requirements and apply in time.

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